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Web and Mobile Technology

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ICT, Telecom and Cloud Services

Mobility, Network & Security Solutions

Ensure your network meets today’s challenges.

Office Productivity Solutions

Raise productivity for your diverse and distributed workforce.

Unified Communications & Collaboration Solutions

Raise productivity, improve communication and reduce costs.

Meet the growth in data center demand head on

The explosion of data in the Information Age challenges businesses to re-conceive the modern data center.

What We Do

Our amazing features & services and others listed below

Cloud Solutions

OMROS Technologies brings clarity and control to cloud IT

Data Protection Solutions

For a secure and highly available business and mobile workforce

EMail Solutions

Hosted email and cloud-based security solutions offer a new level of ease and efficiency. We Will help you find the right one

Customer Support

It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset..


Cloud brings exciting new ways to manage IT requirements such as data backup, desktop management, data center hosting and more


Get your strategy off the ground faster with one of the many collaboration solutions available from Omros Technology.

Understanding where you are and where you need to be.

Minimize you risk and maximize your IT.

Shrinking the distance between power-on and productivity.

Save time, save money and simplify IT deployment.

People to help, Services to simplify

Happy Testimonials

What they say about our company

OMROS Accounting is very intuitive and user-friendly. I just like the kind the variety of reports that it can generate.

Lungaisa OMARY

The best resources to run your business activities are found here! OMROS did an amazing job. OMROS DoMS and Accounting was exactly what I was missing.

Honory LYIMO

OMROS Delivery Order Management System was the missing piece in cargo consolidation. Yeah there are other applications on the internet, but none of them is at this level.


OMROS Bond Management System is insane. I can now track bonds for all transit vehicles to all exit Borders in Tanzania

Emmanuel MWITA

OMROS POS offers a wide array of powerful reporting features that allow you to track your sales and customer information in real time.

Lilian NGUKU

OMROS is a aesthetically pleasing and simply fabulous site for finding and securing your ideal business solution. I also appreciate that it offers professional user support services to newbies when they purchase their products. Many thanks, OMROS!”